1974 Live Rock and Roll at Trinity On Main

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Friday, September 23 2016 8:00 PM 10:30 PM EDT

Live Rock and Roll at TOM, Plenty of Free parking, Full bar and concesions.            
1974 Brings Sci-fi Music Saga to New Britain this September

NEWINGTON, CONNECTICUT – In 2009, the question, "What if we blew up the moon?" was uttered in the sun porch of a small house in Newington, between a group of friends who played music together as a band called 1974. Little did they know that those words would unfold as a massive sci-fi epic later called the "Lazer Trilogy," told through the medium of progressive rock concept albums.
Now, seven years later, 1974 is set to debut their latest album, "1974 & The Echoes of War," the third and final chapter of the Lazer Trilogy. Their performance will take place on September 23, 2016, at Trinity on Main, located in the heart of New Britain. Accompanied by Westport's high school orchestra and a choir composed of vocalists from the Connecticut music community, 1974 will perform the album in its entirety, as well as other popular hits for which the band has become known.
Against a backdrop of powerful guitar riffs, rich vocal harmonies and catchy melodies, 1974's Lazer Trilogy tells the story of a futuristic Earth, struggling to rebuild in the aftermath of a devastating galactic war. A controversial technology is developed that can clone the human mind into infinite hosts. "1974 & The Echoes of War" narrates the story's pivotal moment. The technology falls into the wrong hands, starting a chain reaction that eventually leads to a decisive battle for humanity's survival. Characters in the narrative are confronted with uncertainty, responsibility, and the question of what being human really means.
An ambitious imagination has driven the members of 1974 to create such unconventional material. A set of albums replete with fictional characters, histories and technologies are uncommon in today's musical landscape. The work has garnered praise and attention from supporters across the world. The culmination of this band's passion project on September 23 with the Lazer Trilogy's final installment, "1974 & The Echoes of War," is one that new and old fans should not miss.
1974 is a five-piece progressive rock band from Newington, Connecticut. Since 2007, the band has been awing audiences with high-energy, memorable, story-driven music. 1974's multiple award-winning music has been performed at venues and festivals across New England and has reached international audiences as far as Europe, Asia and South America. 


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